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Cognition IgnitionŽ

is a Fast-Acting, Direct-Acting "Mind Food".
It is THE Catalyst for improving your brain chemistry and health - enhancing your life.

Kindest Greetings, from  David Litell.

After 30 years in the natural products industry and over 20 years of formulating dietary supplements of all kinds, I took a birds eye view of what is really needed now.  What is it?  
Getting our Minds back!

This product needed to be different in concept, elegant and effective quickly. I formulated biochemical catalytic raw materials in the form of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, normal biological intermediates, with traditional botanicals and trace minerals. Combined, these are used in production of neurotransmitters that have been depleted, like dopamine and
nor-epinephrine; and stimulate the release of others like serotonin and oxytocin; improve oxygenation; circulation and energy production.

The botanicals also release and balance created neurotransmitters in a manner that compel users to mention:   'I can work longer with more useful hours', "I feel more focused", "I'm more alert", "My memory's getting better", "I've got a sense of real calmness". People who take Cognition Ignition are really amazed at the feelings it promotes -  "feeling truly good", "in the moment" and "feeling like yourself again".  This is Real Magic!

Because Cognition Ignition acts fast, about 70% of folks taking this dietary supplement are actually aware of a real and noticeable improvement in their well-being, within one hour, and with continual use, benefits just keep building.

Keep reading the following pages to learn more about this unique, effective product

Cognition Ignition is The Fast Acting Direct Acting "Mind Food".

22nd Century Solution to 21 Century stress.
Ignite your Light!

Please check back regularly to this site for updated information and offerings.

Kindest Thanks to You in all languages and traditions.



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