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Here are some typical questions.
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Q - I've been taking your product for about a week and all of a sudden my dreams are very clear and almost
lucid, as if I am in a dream in a dream, or, can interact in these dreams as if I can make choices in my best
interest. What's with this?
A - That's not wrong!  Enjoy them and use them to your best advantage!  You are going into REM sleep with good
neural hookups so your dreams are as they should be.  Your brain chemistry is greatly improving.

Q- Will it interfere with my prescription medications?
A- Which ones? The really strong psychotropic ones are tricky.  You MUST check with your physician who may wish
to do a search on or
PDR for Herbal Medicines, For example. If your doctor says 'no, this supplement
doesn't do anything, or, it won't interfere', I would suggest that the ice under you is very thin! Some medications have
been reduced by the user on their own.   Please keep reading to get an overview of Cognition Ignition®.

Q- I'm on anti-anxiety medication. Can I replace it with your product?
A- No.  Anxiety is a medical condition treatable only by drugs. This is a Dietary Supplement. It isn't allowed to treat
Diseases and Medical Conditions with Dietary Supplements. Dietary Supplements might allow you to experience
good changes though! Why? They replace what the diet doesn't supply, and it is well taken by knowledgeable, peer
reviewed, published researchers, that drug therapy is often quite intimately dependant upon nutritional status. You
can certainly try it and find out  That's your choice. If you are not on medication for serious anxiety, it is possible that
this product may keep you on an even keel.  On the other hand, some folks just simply decided they didn't need the
prescription and feel much better.

Q- Will it interfere with lipitor-like drugs?
A- Check with your doctor who can do a quick search on, for example, for your individual condition.  
Do you know about the side effects with these drugs? !!   It might preserve normal cognitive functions.

Q- My teenage son is on Ritalin and is a mess. Will this help him?
A- While some kids definitely benefit, this might generate more dopamine and nor-epinephrine than YOU WANT,
making this dude more ANIMATED. You could try dietary changes, study about the condition and check out his diet.  
Then make a decision after consulting with the treating physician. Nutritional status profoundly affects teenage
behavior. It would be worth trying Cognition Ignition® and multi vitamin/minerals. It is a slow process.

Q- Is this an anti-oxidant?
A- Technically speaking, it has an anti-oxidant effect. It stimulates the body to increase  its own antioxidants, like
SOD - Super Oxide Dismutase. Cognition Ignition®®'s zinc, manganese and copper content stimulate production and
functioning of their respective SOD's.  Some of the herbs also improve antioxidant production.  This would slow
down aging effects.

Q- What kind of stimulants does it contain?
A- About 3mg of caffeine per capsule, as found in cocoa bean extract.  About 3% of a cup of coffee. A tiny sip. The
energy you experience is generated from this product stimulating your own production of THE cellular energy
molecule - ATP - Adenosine tri-phosphate.  This is NOT like an energy drink.

Q- Why do I have to take it on an empty stomach?
A- No interference from food means vastly increased uptake of all ingredients.

Q- My kid is ADHD and I want to try this on him instead of Adderall.
A- Please see the Ritalin answer, and, all the best.  It might help.

Q- This has lithium. I'm not crazy. Why is this in here?
A- The amount is less than one percent of a pharmaceutical dose of lithium carbonate. It is included for normalizing
a potassium/sodium intercellular/extracellular balancing mechanism, and improving serotonin influenced nerve
transmission. If your diet includes sufficient tryptophan, and you can convert it to serotonin, lithium facilitates its
movements to where it's needed.

Q- Will this help with symptoms of adrenal burn-out?
A- It is possible. Yes. The formula supports normal adrenal functions and slows cortisol output. In conjunction with
improved nutrition and active stress reduction, burn-out could be reduced to something you don't notice anymore.

Q- What's in it?
A- vitamin C as magnesium ascorbate;  B-complex with biologically active B-2; B-6;  two forms of niacin; a large
amount of pantothenic acid, for acetylcholine production and adrenal function;  minerals with specific bondings for
high absorption, electrolyte activity and enzyme activation including chromium;  free-form amino acids for
neurotransmitter synthesis; biological intermediates which improve oxygenation and ATP production; and, botanical
extracts for microcirculation increase, memory improvement, stress-reducing adaptogenic effects, serotonin
synthesis, synapse growth, feel-good state-of-mind, beta-carbolines which allow neurotransmitters to stay in
activity longer. Some of these herbs you are familiar with like Rhodiola rosea, the Siberian adaptogen, Gotu Kola
and Bacopa, the memory herbs, and, de-fatted Cocoa bean extract - the feel good food.

Q- What does it do?

A-Some effects of this blend are Acetylcholine production increasing, resulting in serial memory and cognitive
improvement, and better muscle response. Dopamine, epinephrine and nor-epinephrine production is increased
resulting in mood improvement, increased focus, more awareness of what's going on, and, increased synthesis/
release of other neurotransmitters like serotonin and oxytocin.  You get relaxed, calm, and alert.  Many of these
ingredients have been studied in certain mental impairment states similar to senility and dementia, where benefits
are reluctantly noted!

Q- My partner is an alcoholic/ stoner. Will this help him/her reduce or stop that behavior?
A- It can. Have a nutrient-dense diet, and spiritual/psychological counseling. Since this is a dietary supplement - a
supplement to what may be lacking in the diet - it would be worth a serious try. By increasing circulation into areas
of the brain which are closing down, Cognition Ignition® has shown reduction of unwanted side effects from the
substance choices you mentioned.  If he/she wishes to continue self-destruction, that's their choice.

Q- Since medical conditions and disease states can not be legally treated with supplements, how come some
of them resolve medical conditions?
A- They simply supply to the diet substances which are in short supply, restoring one's biochemistry to a more
normal, useful state. Then, the body begins to heal/repair itself.  Kind of like a vet would do in a zoo or on a ranch
where  the benefits of supplements are established.

Q- Who are you?
A- I am the formulator with 3 + decades of experience who understood the immediate need to bring this timely,
experiential product to people. The need has been here forever. It's getting bigger.  We must get good mental
functioning back in place with calm, relaxed, alertness.

Q- Why are so many of these questions about drugs and interactions?
A- That is of importance these days more than ever. So many people use drugs, and drug side-effects can be quite
severe. You need to be very aware, if you are under drug therapy. I leave to others, conversations about the effects of

Q- Is this kinda like that Viagra -type stuff?
A- No.  That failed heart medicine has use only in limited cases.  However, since you ask, someone or two, did say
that they thought after a week, their libido took a flying leap - pardon the pun - upward.

Q. Does this product exacerbate certain mental states?
A. It could increase mania in those with defects in serotonin synthesis. Some types of depression result from a low
serotonin/nor-epinephrine ratio.  This possibility, for example, is why consulting with the treating primary care
physician is critical.

Q. I notice that Cognition Ignition® does not contain phosphatidyl serine, ginkgo, and other expensive, slow
acting ingredients. Why is this?
A. After studying ongoing research on these, and finding their cost to be beyond the value of marketing promise,
and having taken and formulated with them previously, I decided to create a product that works fast, without
stimulants, has similar and even more useful benefits, and also improves your benefits with continued use.  I'm not
boxed in by raw material marketing!

Q. Can I take other dietary supplements with Cognition Ignition®?
A. Yes, of course. Some suggestions might be: Krill Oil having high omega 3's, GABA, Tryptophan and L-5HTP can
be added for extra calming if needed, and make for better sleep at night. Of course, it is always recommended to
supplement with a comprehensive mineral/trace mineral and vitamin supplement. Fish liver oil Vitamin D is great at
about 8,000 - 12,000iu per day if you are inside a lot of the year. Digestive enzymes are often wonderful.
Cognition Ignition® is actually a catalyst for anything else in your nutritional program.

Q. How much Cognition Ignition® should I take?
A. The label suggests 1-3 capsules each time on an empty stomach. Some folks benefit from 3 in the AM and 3 in
the afternoon for several weeks. They then find that they may reduce the amount. Some folks get nice response
from one!  This suggestion is a guideline for you to follow. Please pay attention to how you feel and adjust
accordingly. You Decide!

Q. Can Cognition Ignition® help my sports performance? If so, how?
A. Yes. Increased. dopamine, and epinephrine, helps you focus, acetylcholine helps muscle response and
increases speed of muscle response, as well as speed of memory retrieval. So when you includes COGNITION
IGNITION in your training regimen, improved focus and concentration, reduced performance anxiety, improved
muscle memory and speed of retrieval can make any sport a continually improving one, whether it's billiards, pole
vaulting, figure skating, archery, you name it.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Cognition Ignition® is a Fast-Acting,
Direct-Acting "Mind Food".
  It is THE Catalyst for
improving your brain chemistry and health - enhancing your life.





We welcome and encourage Questions - please contact us



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