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About 70% of respondents felt good energy changes within one hour.

Doctors, PhD's, lawyers, business consultants,other professionals and anyone, notices that Cognition Ignition is very useful in facilitating good work days, extending useful working hours, all at a high level of functioning.

These testimonials provide stories from a cross-section of people who are discovering that repairing and restoring normal brain chemistry lights up their Mind, improves their life.

Naturally, not everyone responds in a
Disneyland manner! About 15-20% of people taking anything, feel nothing, will not respond well, or may experience unwanted effects. Just like peanuts, just like drugs. Your results and mileage may vary, but will not compete with strong
drugs in any contest for negative, adverse side effects!  Some folks get very energized even though no stimulants are added to Cognition Ignition.

Please, kindly consult with yourself also. Listen your system speaking to you.



'We look forward to taking it first thing in the morning. It really helps.' 'I'm taking two cases to my



seminar for my classmates.' female and male shamanic journeying practitioners.


'I feel completely normal within one hour if I take it when I'm tired.' 67yr retired International



Business Consultant, male.


'I need it to study for my citizenship examination.  It works' 55 yr, female.


'I took your product to study for an employment examination.  It definitely helped'. 50 yr old male



retired sheriff.


I'm under enormous stress with the fighter wing.  It really helps deal with it all.  My wife like it too,



with all the stress she has to deal with.  46yr male F-22 Raptor pilot.


'I took it about 2PM and went straight through working then a client dinner until 10:00PM.  It makes



me feel like I'm "right there", right where I want to be.  It's great!'. 45 yr old VP Sales, female


'It made me feel really, really good inside. Then, my neck popped just like I had a chiropractic



adjustment! 43 yr accountant, female.


'Definite brain fog clearing. Feeling really good.' 54 yr. network sales, female


'Usually take a nap when I get home from work. Didn't do that after trying this supplement.' 67 yr old



Safeway employee, male.


'I like it'. broker, 48 yr, female.


'This is a really good, unique product. There is nothing like it out there. It's very good.' health food



store owner, 50yr, male.


'I'll be in a much better mood this afternoon. I didn't take my stuff this morning.' 50 yr Certified



Nutritionist, female.


'My 36 year old client has brain damage from a childhood fever and can't count even through she



knows the numbers. After checking her on the biofeedback machine for compatibility to this product,
it was determined that compatibility exists, and a trial was initiated. a few weeks after taking your
product her mother asked her to get 13 bottles from the storage room and she counted them out.
First time she ever could count that high.' 50yr old Certified Nutritionist.


'My memory is right there.  I don't need to think about it. Fog is clearing '  80yr old female.


I took three capsules at 7PM and stayed up working until 6AM.  It's amazing!  I didn't feel bad from



not sleeping!  46yr old female publicist.


- 'This is great'. D.O., male


'Don't give him anymore. He'll be up all night'! D.O.'s wife.




Cognition Ignition® is a Fast-Acting,
Direct-Acting "Mind Food".
  It is THE Catalyst for
improving your brain chemistry and health - enhancing your life.


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