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About Us

We are a Global Network of People who, bound by time and space, understand that good Health is a requirement, critical, for Positive Living. We distribute Cognition Ignition®, which plays a significant part in improving our well-being by improving our Cognition of the World through repair, rebuilding and normalizing brain chemistry. This makes us relaxed, calm and alert, "in touch", so we can use our Minds to makes Dreams become Reality. Real Living!

Inspiration for Cognition Ignition® comes from experiencing events, studying traditional healing, Western sciences and impressions from living. It also comes from many people. Some to thank are: Samuel R. Peterson; Countess Renee van Asten; Bill and Peggy Brevoort; Bill Egloff; Dr Otto Warburg; Dr Hans Nieper; Huang Ti; Jo Ann Roberts, CN; Amy Mitchell;  Existence!; Dr Zakir Ramazanov; Dr Richard Schultes; Dr Albert Hoffman; Shari K. Lew.

Getting Cognition Ignition® out into much more of the world is the creative expertise and proven experience of Lady Adrienne Papp, founder of Atlantic Publicity

We all know that without good health, you actually can't enjoy your Life. So, we evaluated suppliers who grow and harvest the herbs, make extracts, make the vitamins and biological intermediates, contacting the best to assure superior quality. After formulating in my "alchemist" kitchen to blend and refine until just the right one appeared, Cognition Ignition® was manufactured into a living product! Now, it gets shipped where it needs to go - to You.

We're also educators and keep learning everyday, sharing with you. Help with advice, and consulting is available. We want your health to be good, to be "normal" so you can live well during 21st Century stress.

All of this comes to a point in Cognition Ignition®. This elegant, beneficial, uplifting product - Your product.

It's about US. This group of "we" - meaning all of us, who are in relationship to one another riding this planet, because the Creator made us all from the same substance...the Creator!

We're born to succeed.

Cognition Ignition® Lights the Way.

Ignite Your Light!

This is a foundation of our health and well-being -
Conscious Gratitude.


Cognition Ignition® is a Fast-Acting,
Direct-Acting "Mind Food".
  It is THE Catalyst for
improving your brain chemistry and health - enhancing your life.




We all may say
"Ita Daki Mas"

A Japanese phrase whose meaning can be interpreted: to Know that we Are  Blessed by the Origin 
and Manifestation of 
all that is available to us for our Health and Well Being, 
AND, all people, minerals, plants and animals who have a role in bringing Good Things to us.

We Are Blessed. We hold All of this in reverent Gratitude.



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