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There are various remedies out there and many specialists with specific knowledge of how nutritional supplements and other therapies can help, some of which was mentioned by Deepak Chopra as well. In my quest to find some answers, I ended up with DNA Associate’s David Litell who told me about a nutritional supplement called Cognition Ignition, which has a calming, clarifying effect, yet does not numb the brain. Using something as simple as this powerful, yet naturally-based combination of carefully selected ingredients, could potentially help people who struggle with the same issues that so many of us do, including Whitney Houston, along with a number of other big stars. 

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Life Enhancing Options to
Life Depleting Rx Drugs

Interview with Cognition Ignition natural
dietary supplement founder, David Litell

One person dies every 19 minutes from prescription drugs, according to a recent CNN report.  Exposés are pouring out that prescription drugs are decreasing  life span and brain capacity. The most recent example is the high profile death of singer, Whitney Houston.

Our guest this week, David Litel has seen these trends both as a high-level leader in the supplement industry and as a visionary exploring alternative healing to increase human potential. We discuss with him what stress, drugs, and the modern life do to brains and bodies.

  • How do high stress and inactive lives decrease our ability to think well?
  • How do we Increase our ability to deal with stress if we cannot decrease the stressors?
  • What can people do naturally and without drugs to enjoy life and mental cognition more? (Besides exercise, of course!)
  • What is special about your new natural dietary supplement Cognition Ignition?

David Litell began using Chinese herbs to improve academic and athletic performance in 1970 while a student at University of California Santa Barbara.  Noting benefits, he began studying botanicals in traditional American styles and Chinese Herbal Medicine using his anthropology degree as a starting point. 30+ years’ and much experience later David created Cognition Ignition  in response to our nation's need for safe, biologically based increased mental functioning, and emotional management.






Cognition Ignition® is a Fast-Acting,
Direct-Acting "Mind Food".
  It is THE Catalyst for
improving your brain chemistry and health - enhancing your life.


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